Follow the right Trail

Following the right trail sometimes or knowing what trail to take can be rough and rugged. Hi! I am back again to my little home called Down My Creek. Down my Creek has taken the long road or long trail as I should say. It has done this because its where I am in my life right now. After moving to Mobile,AL things or should I say some things have gotten better and as I have said in the last post New Home: How good is Change? I explain my little life journey and how it lead me here.

New Home! How good is Change?

I have made a big change in my life by taking one foot and placing it in front of the other. I once had a person tell me and not only that, but I have seen a sign even say this same thing that I am about to share with you. Motion in no direction makes a hole in the ground! Over the years we live change can be good or it can be bad, and I like to see my new change as a good move with a good direction.

Good bye to Pop Critics!

As much as I hate to say it but I guess its now time to say good bye to Pop Critics. Once a formal site where I first wrote for is no longer for me to explore and write for again. Since the beginning of my writing on Pop Critics, Hello Hunting has come a long ways and in my terms looks to be a thousand time better.

Face Lifts and Springtime!

Down My Creek has somewhat came a good distance from when I first started with it. I no longer have to deal and write critical info for Pop Critics anymore. So now maybe I can spend a little more time on my own blog here. I hope that if you follow my blog you will continue to come back for more and see how things change in my world.

Got to Update this!

It seems like we never have enough time for anything these day. But then again we may have more time on our hands than we realize and just do not see it. As I look back on Down My Creek I see I haven’t really kept it up to date so now its about time I do something here.

I wanted to test something new for posting on this site. So I chose the kindle fire to test it on and see how it will turn out.

Country music has been around for ages. Some like it and some don’t! I still find myself listening to it from time to time but also can listen to other music as well. One country star that comes to mind has come a long way since he started. Which they all find a way maybe to the top before falling off the band wagon down the road. Jason Aldean is a good country star to look at but has yet to fall off just yet.

It has been a while since I have last written or should I say posted on Down My Creek. I think it is about time for me to now post a whole new line or two on this site.

2011 New Face for Hello Hunting

In my last post I had talked a little about how Hello Hunting has changed. It now has a new face lift and even a new video section. I am working on getting more and more people to come and visit the site. So come and check it out if you like and hang around for a bit. Do not feel bad to leave a response if you choose to do so.